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Find your perfect job and get paid to work online!

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic put a lot of people out of work, employees and businesses have been scrambling trying to find ways for people to work online.

Paying Social Media Jobs has been in the business of matching employees to businesses for over 10 years, and have a very simple model to help you gain work online. Their database is kept up to date with real and legitimate work at home jobs that moms and dads can do part time or full time.

Working in social media jobs has taken on a spike since a lot of businesses have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Quora, Instagram, Tik Tok, and are looking to keep their engagement current with customers and prospects. These businesses have businesses to run and either have to hire someone “in house” or hire someone remote.

This is where the social media remote worker comes in…

Paying Social Media Jobs has been helping remote workers for over 10 year to find jobs and work online, and get paid anywhere from $25 to $50 an hour, and sometimes as much as $950 per week, or more.

They have put together a massive database of jobs from large freelance sites such as ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Upwork, Indeed, and major job boards to save you time from having to “cull through” a bunch of jobs that don’t match your criteria. These jobs are all verified on a daily basis and anything that has been filled is noted accordingly.

There have been numerous sites on the internet claiming that Paying Social Media Jobs “PSMJ” (and Paid Social Media Jobs) is a scam, but that’s because most people don’t understand how these companies operate.

Number 1: Since these jobs and PSMJ are being hosted on a major network, were they to acquire a bad reputation, they would have been removed long ago. But since they ARE, indeed, legitimate, it is the number one reason why they have been online for so long: over 10 years now.

Since there is no need for a “Number 2”, suffice it to say that they are offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee should you not be able to find them to your satisfaction. If, for any reason, you’re not happy with your ONE TIME LIFETIME subscription, you can get your money back in 60 days or less. They would rather have you happy with your $27 rather than you being broke.

Which is the whole point of working online, right?

If you’re not happy, perhaps you would just assume you’ve been scammed, because, in reality, most people wouldn’t know a real scam until they get involved with someone on a CashApp transaction, or they find out that they’ve been “ghosted” by the scammer… usually from a Third World country who has a bad reputation for doing that.

Since PSMJ operates from their home offices in New York City, New York (USA), they are also under the laws and jurisdictions of United States laws, and if they were ever charged with fraud, they would not be in business very long.

Paying Social Media Jobs has an EXCELLENT Triple A Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and a top rated reputation on the internet for providing jobs to people in  over 180 countries, you can rest assured that you won’t get ripped off for your one time lifetime membership fee of $27 dollars.

Why Is There A Cost?

Because Paying Social Media Jobs (PSMJ) doesn’t take a percentage of your earnings with their social media partners. They only charge a small fee of $27 to cover costs associated with internet server time, web hosting and their customer service team.

They’ve also worked out a deal with their social media partners to offer you a $50 sign on bonus once you complete your first paid social media job which pays you back your startup fee and more!

So, what are you waiting for?

If you have found this review helpful in making a decision to apply for an online job with Paying Social Media Jobs, you can rest assured that you’re not going to get fleeced by them or anyone else.

If you’ve been wanting the freedom of working on your own time, setting your own schedule, and getting paid what you’re worth, then click here or click the banner below to read more information about their site and how you can get started today.

Below is a video I did for another network that is no longer online, and the price that I paid for PSMJ has gone down. I paid $47 for a lifetime account back in 2012, but since then, Paid Social Media Jobs has lowered their price because they have a much bigger market share, so they can afford to.

If you have another 5 or 6 minutes to watch the video below, this is my personal testimonial for PSMJ. Since I have been working for them for over 10 years, they have never failed to pay me, and since I can arrange payment with each individual employer, I get paid directly every week, either by Direct Deposit, PayPal, or a company check mailed to me.

Watch the video below then click here to take a short quiz to see what you are best suited for. You’ll be glad you did.

Ernest O’Dell

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