$150 Per Day YouTube Gaming Job

Would you like to make $150 a day by helping a professional gamer on YouTube? You might not know it, but the gaming community on YouTube is huge. Nowadays, being a professional gamer on YouTube is becoming the ultimate dream of a lot people. People enjoy watching those streams for hours without getting bored. And if you also like watching gamers playing your favorite games on YouTube, you might love this job.

Job title: Help a gamer posting content on his YouTube channel for $150 a day.

Job description: A professional YouTuber has a gaming channel on which he has millions of subscribers. He streams on his channel for 2-3 hours a day and posts highlights of his streams in other videos. But due to his busy schedule, he needs a helping hand posting those videos. You’ll be provided with premade content each day, and you have to download it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. After downloading, you’ll need to upload that content on his YouTube channel with the given description, thumbnail, and tags. It’s easier than you think. You have to do it consistently each day.

Pay: $150 per day.

Location: Any country can apply as long as you have dependable internet.

Requirements: Laptop, desktop, mobile device, or tablet (android or iOS), 2-3 hours of free time each day, and a passion for games.

Necessary experience: No previous experience? It’s ok; you don’t need any. You’ll be trained for everything at the beginning.

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