U.S. Home Work Force began as an idea back in 2012 to help put people back to work; more specifically in the United States. But our mission has become a global one to help everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit to make money from home.

Times have gotten tough for a lot of people, most especially during this past year, because of COVID-19. As people were losing jobs due to layoffs, and businesses were closing down, people started going online to find ways to bring in extra income to keep their finances solvent.

Some have fared better than others, and sadly, too many were victimized by scammers preying on the covid situation and stimulus checks. People have turned to the internet looking for help, and now that quarantines and restrictions are being lifted world wide, more people are taking a more serious look at working online.

Please bookmark and share this site with your friends and colleagues as we endeavor to help people get back to work and supplement their income with legitimate online ventures.

If you would like to become a contributing author, send us an email to staffing@ushomeworkforce.ws and send us a brief summary of your experience as a writer, blogger, or your online ventures. Not everybody will be a good fit for U.S. Home Work Force, but we will certainly welcome your submission.

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